3 Things you should do with your offline marketing.

3 Things you should do with your offline marketing.


are a lot of people worldwide who focus only on online advertising and forget that they can market their business and products offline.  In this short post I’ll be sharing with you 3  Things I do with my offline marketing and promotions.

One area you can market your product or service is by placing cheap ads in your local newspapers.

There are a vast amount of people who read these circulated local papers and when they see your ad they go online and see what you have got to offer. It’s important to know that these ads are very cheap sometimes costing less than $20 but they remain in the paper for the duration of its circulation.  Now, the longer your ad stays printed on the pages of this localpaper the more trust you get which means the more vvisitors you get.

Another way to promote your business offline is by using flyers in local events such as shows, weddings, social gatherings or even print a promotional message and place on your car.  You could also use road side bill boards.  You’ll be amazed at how much business you can get from these.

Another effective way to truly scale your business is to give out souvernier with your website printed on the articles.  When people get these they will then go online and check out your site.

Do all of these combined with your online efforts and watch your business explode.


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Social Media Marketing Sales Business

Social Media Marketing Sales Business

If you’re like me and love to play around with different keywords then you’ll like this one.

I was messing about today with my favourite keyword tool (I’ll tell you more about this later, and i came across this keywords Social media marketing sales business.

I was shocked to find that this was a very profitable keyword that’s getting over 200 unique searches per day with low hanging fruit.

All i need to do now is get the best product to promote to this niche market which involves people looking for how they can effectively use social media to market their business.  You see how easy this can be