Ways to increase traffic to your website

Making Affiliate Marketing Work For You.

Making Affiliate Marketing Work For You.

Ways to increase traffic to your website

One of the most important thing is to know ways to increase traffic to your website. For a very long time, I’ve been working on many ways to get traffic to your website.

There isn’t just one way of getting traffic as you can do just about anything to get maximum traffic to your website.

One of the techniques I use which works well for me is by using reverse engineering.

What I mean by this is I first study websites that get tons of traffic, then I study the types of people that visit these websites. Once you understand the type of traffic you want then you know exactly what they are looking for and then give them what they need.

I’ve found out that the simpler the website template, the easier it is to rank on the search engines. I’ve also found out that you need to use simple platforms, such as wordpress or blogger. Make sure that there aren’t many links pointing away from your site and try to like to other pages on your website.

Make sure you vary your keywords too so that the search engines see that you’re not just targeting one specific keyword.

I study wikipedia a lot and have noticed that the reason why they are ranked so highly is because they link to other articles on their website.

The more you do this the better your ranking.

Most importantly, provide fresh useful engaging content.

So let’s examine the technique I am using today that works great for me.

Step 1: Go to www.quantcast.com and register for a free account. I absolutely love quantcast, because they have put in millions of Dollars on research and all you have to do is know how to use their data.

Look for a particular website in your niche market that is quantified. Once you have found out the website you wish to target, you can sutdy the type of visitors that go to such websites. You’ll know their age, income, how many kids they have, and other websites that are of interest to them.

You simply have to find out what their needs are and provide a solution for that niche.

I like the IM niche and most people in the IM niche have one simple problem, how to make money without spending any.

It is possible to make money without spending any, but involves some work. Build your website, one step at a time and watch your profits soar.

Look out for Step 2, of this technique comeing soon…