You Build A Responsive List When You Provide Value.

2014-04-24 00.15.11You Build A Responsive List When You Provide Value. 

I always like to provide social proof in all i do.  Take a close look at the screen shot to the left of this paragraph. You’ll find the current screen shot for an entirely new niche market I’m currently in.  As you can see,  since I started this blog a week ago I’ve received 81 confirmed subscribers,  48 subscribed but unconfirmed and 0 unsubscribed.

So what does this all mean.  It means that since since i entered this particular niche market I’ve received 129 people who have opted into to my newsletter to hear more of what I have to offer.

If I’ve programed my autoresponder sequence correctly (which I have), then shortly i would have converted these prospects into long term customers. The most iinteresting thing about this is I have built this list with absolutely free traffic.  I’ve not paid for 1 single traffic source.

This goes to prove that when you have fresh valuable genuine content on your website the search engines will love you and give you the most targeted traffic.  And because your content is valuable and fresh you’ll get subscribers.  Take it from me, this is how I build my websites in every niche I get involved in.  Provide fresh valuable content and you’ll get the most targeted responsive  traffic.