Writing ebooks for a living

Writing ebooks for a living  

I’m someone who just loves to write especially when I’m sharing useful valuable content.

As an Internet marketer, one of the easiest way to start making money online is by writing ebooks for a living.

Ebooks are easy to write.  The first thing you want to do is wrote out your thoughts on what you want to write about.  This is just plain old pouring out your heart.  Now that you know what you want to write about,  the next step is to do some keyword research.

Put your self in the shoes of your prospective reader.  What keywords would they use to find your ebooks?  These a the keywords you search for.  Once you have got a few keywords with descent enough searches, then you can use some of these on an article or blog post that would point to your ebooks sales page.

Next thing you want to do is actually write your ebooks. There are different software you can use to create your ebook.  I prefer to use OpenOffice, this is exactly like Microsoft Word only it’s better and free.  You can also convert your finished work to a PDF DOCUMENT which you’ll need to sell your ebook.

So you see you can write ebooks for a living.


Opt-ins – How To Get Every Visitor To Your Website To Subscribe To Your Newsletter

Opt-ins – How To Get Every Visitor To Your Website To Subscribe To Your Newsletter

One thing that absolutely baffles me about some websites is that I can’t seem to understand the purpose of those sites especially when I see they’re trying to promote in the IM niche.

Their websites are so noisy that even as an experienced internet marketer, I can’t seem to see what exactly is the call to action.  What specific purpose has the website being created for.  There are banners everywhere, ads everywhere links pointing everywhere.  Just so noisy.

Look, if you want to get every visitor that calls to your web-site to subscribe to your mailing list then do just that.  Don’t try and cram everything into one website.

Look at this website for instance. It’s the plain wordpress template with no banners or ads. All you’ll find here is great content and one call to action. Subscribe to my newsletter.

In the newsletter i can then put all the other stuff once I’ve shown and proved I’m credible to help build your business.

This site gets lots of targeted visitors.  In fact every visitor to this website has opted in to the newsletter.  It’s that effective. And I’ve changed nothing.  All I do is upload fresh content daily which is unique and valuable and leave the rest to the big G.

Please don’t make the same mistakes.  Keep your websites simple. Have a defined purpose for your visitors.  Give a clear call to action. Build up your list.

What Makes Internet Marketing So Much Fun Is The Power of Automation.

7460433282_bce3bfba18What Makes Internet Marketing So Much Fun Is The Power of Automation. 

This is why i love running an online business.

While I have been out at the cinema, and having lunch with friends and family, my website has not only been making me money but also building my list.

This is the power of automating your entire business where you can have more time to do the things you love.

So what are the components of an automated website or online business.

1. Have a way you can post to your blog or website. That’s why I love wordpress so much. It makes it so easy to post to your website.  To be honest with you, I run my entire business ( and when I say entire business, I do mean my entire business) completely from my smart phone. I buy products from my phone while out with friends, I ship products and upload them all from my phone. You just gotta love this business.

2. Have your autoresponder ready to collect names and email addresses of visitors to your website.  If you have really good content, many visitors to your website will subscribe to your newsletter.

3. I can automate my traffic generation just from my phone.  Whether it is buying Facebook ads or just driving traffic to my website it’s just a click of a button.

So truly it makes sense to automate your business.  Don’t be tied down doing all the tedious work.

Automate your online business and go have fun while you’re making money and building your business.