Theatre Seating Home

Theatre Seating Home

Many times people ask me which is better. To promote physical products or digital ones?

The answer lies in what you’re comfortable with. Take for instance, when I first got started in Internet marketing, I focused my attention on digital products because they were easy to make and easy to sell. As you pick up experience from several personal mistakes you’ll get better at selling your products.

You might then what to graduate to selling physical products such as mp3’s and mp4’s, DVD , audio cd’s the list is endless.

You might even decide on selling major physical products such as theatre seating for home.

Now here is a very large niche market and there ilists of money to be made in this niche because this is a hugely profitable and expensive. One of these Products sells for over $1200.

I also did some research on these keywords ‘theatre seating home’.

There are over 40,000 searches per month and the average CPC, COST PER CLICK on these keywords is over $3.10 per click!

This is a very profitable niche market. If I wanted to attack this niche market, what I would first do is register the domain name

Then I would seek out affiliate program’s that sell theatre seating home and sign up for their products.

I would then set up a simple WordPress blog on my domain and start creating back links to my domain so that it can rank organically for the keywords theatre seating home.

Thats 40,000 free visitors to my affiliate link on my domain website per month.

Even if the conversion is 1% per month, that is over 400 sales at $1200 per sale, this works out at over, $480,000.

Worst case scenario, say you even had a 0.5% conversion rate, that still works out at over $240,000 per month with free organic search engine traffic.

so you see, sometimes, it is more profitable to sell physical products that digital one. You just need to know what you’re doing and you too could be very successful online.

Real Surveys Online

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To Make Money From Online

To Make Money From Online

Now above you’ll find a string of keyword, which was sent to me by one of my students,  To Make Money From Online.

He wanted to know if it’s a profitable keyword and if it’ll get him traffic.

I have researched the keyword To Make Money From Online and it looks profitable.

Why do I say this?

Well llet’s look at a few things.

The first is that this particular set of keywords gets over 8,000 searches daily the way it is arranged.  Now if he is able to rank in the search engines for this keywords then he’ll be getting no less than 8,000 free visitors daily.

Secondly,  look at the keywords.  They are profitable because even if he is able to rank for any of the individual keywords he’ll still be getting a tonne of traffic to his website.

So the important lesson from this is make sure you rank in the search engines for profitable keywords.