Some exciting news!

I have some exciting news for you.

One of our products has recently launched on and there’s a buzz going around about this product.

Here is a press release just updated by popular press release website:

Our press release link:

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What You Should Do Next!

So I have decided not to write in a long while because I have been tweaking a few things to get the maximum results before posting my results for you.

As you have probably been following my several posts below, I sell products on I have been successfully selling on Amazon and in the last few months I’ve actually started generating more sales in 30 days than I did in an entire month when I was still promoting online products on clickbank and

So what are the things you need to do?

First you need to find unique ways in which you can get your product before the right buyers. You could use Facebook pages to drive traffic to your offers, you could decide to spend some money with Facebook ads, or just use plain old Internet marketing tips like article marketing, press releases, video marketing and get the word out!

What ever techniques you use, you don’t want to miss out on the next post which I shall be sharing soon with all the verifiable proof of what I did not achieve those numbers!

see you then…

How To Find Best Selling Products On Amazon (Using Google).

How To Find Best Selling Products On Amazon (Using Google).

So if you have been following this blog, you’ll see that I have been discussing about making money online selling physical products on

If you have not been following then read here.

Okay so today we shall be looking at how to find best selling products on Amazon, as your starting point.

Yesterday, I got an email from one of my students asking how they could find best selling products on Amazon. You see, I have been teaching that one quick way to build a business on Amazon is to start selling on Amazon, using information that Amazon already provides you. Amazon has what is known as best selling products. And there is a way in which you can find these out. One way to do this is by using Google search.

So what do you do to get this information…

Simple, just go too and search for “Amazon best sellers”. This will bring up a list of categories on Amazon and the 100 top best selling products in each of those categories. What you then do is to perform a market research and see if any of those products are of interest to you. To do this you can use google trends or google insights. This would give you an idea of how popular an item really is. If you have then found an item that has a trend showing that the popularity of the item is increasing or remains relatively constant, then you might have a winner.

What you do next is to look at the item itself. How many other competitors are selling a similar product. Does the brand currently have a lot of reviews. What are people saying about the product. is it possible to bring a matching offer that can better the performance of this item. These are the things you ask yourself. If all the responses to these questions are positive, then you just look for a supplier who you can buy a few similar products to test the market.

I must stress here that, always test your product. Don’t buy more than 3 or 5 units to test with. If these units once listed on your Amazon sellers account have sold through, then you can increase the quantity to say 20 units. If the 20 units sell out then you can order 50 units or say 100 units, depending on your budget. Then once you know you have sufficient stock in your seller account, then you’d want to ramp things up by promoting this product aggressively.

So as you can see you can find best sellers on amazon really quick. And if you really want a short cut to these best sellers page on amazon, just click here.