Amazon, my greatest secret weapon.


So in my last post I mentioned that I had recently ordered new inventory from my manufacturers in China and successfully sent the items to the Amazon fulfilment centres. Turns out that no sooner had the items reached the FCs, they started selling out. Since my last post, things have been really busy with regards to sales. Below you’ll find my latest screen shot of my sales so far. So since my last post, I’ve generated over $1,000 in sales. I also recently implemented some new promotion strategies which I shall be sharing soon on how you can achieve immediate sales on Amazon irrespective of what you’re selling. Keep an eye out for that post coming soon…



How I’m preparing for the Holiday selling period on Amazon!

imageSo as the holiday selling period approaches on Amazon, I’m ramping things into full swing. The first thing I did was to protect my products by making sure all the items I will be selling this holiday period carry my new branded logo. Having done that, I have now made arrangements to send the first batch of new products to Amazon fulfilment centre to be checked into my inventory.

My next goal is to ensure that all my listings have sufficient amounts of stock. When I say this, usually I try to make sure each has at least 100 units. It’s really not about going deep but going wide. What I mean by this is, don’t have 1000units of 1 item in your inventory. This is going deep.

However, you go wide by having minimum of 40 items listed on Amazon with at least 100 units each. This is going wide. Even Amazon recommends that you list minimum of 40 items to really be successful on Amazon.

My target it to have 900 items listed on Amazon but not just 900 items of just anything, I systematically choose what I sell on Amazon following my critical strategy already discussed in another post here on my blog.

Soon I will have some more proof of the results I am having. Things were slow in October because I had to get new inventory made with my manufacturer in China.

By this Friday the new inventory will have arrived at the Amazon FCs once sales start coming in, I will certainly post my results on this blog as usual so be on the look out for my next blog post.

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Launching our new company logo

imageimageLaunching our new company logo.

So as you can see, we are launching our new company logo with some amazing bundle offers soon to launch on

Some of these bundle offers will include a mix of top quality car chargers and  iphone 6 cables which will retail at $28.99

But for the launch, we shall be retailing these at $18.99 or less. We will let you know when the time comes.

So below is the latest screen shot from my Amazon seller account. Things have been quiet because I am launching all the new products with our new company logo so our manufacturers in China are currently working on our next shipment to

More on that to come later…