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Clickbank Tips.

Clickbank Still Works!


A few days ago I received an email from one of my valued subcribers and he wanted to know if clickbank and affiliate marketing works.


My answer to him was a resounding yes!


The problem most people in affiliate marketing have is that they don’t know how to successfully promote the products on clickbank and in this article I will give a quick update on how I have been making money with clickbank.


The biggest mistake people make is to go for products with high gravity on clickbank. Don’t fall into this trap. You would be very amazed that there are many products on clickbank with low gravity but they convert wel. You know the secret of conversion.? It is a good product with a hungry buyer. This buyer is someone who is looking for a solution to a particular problem. Let me give you an example of a niche that is converting lick crazy for me. The niche is Parenting niche. There are many parents out there that are looking for help with their todllers. How to talk to toddlers, dealing with tantrums etc. This niche is a huge niche market with desperate buyers.

What is gravity on clickbank.

To put it simply, its the rate at which or numbrr of affiliates that are promoting a product.  So if a product on clickbank has a good gravity rating it means many affiliates are promoting it and are making sales.  Forget all the other jargon you might find online. But simply put that’s what gravity on clickbank means.


Profitable Affiliate Niches – Amazing Profitable Niches for 2014.

Profitable Affiliate Niches – Amazing Profitable Niches for 2014.

Hi,to all who have asked me in recent days what niches are profitable for 2014.

Find below a quick list from the ones I have recently researched.

Hope you find it useful.

1. Puppet making (2,400)
2. Bone carving (1,600)
3. Abalone Diving (1,000)
4. Wizard of Oz Collectibles (1,600)
5. Baby Apparel (1,000)
6. Pie of the month clubs (1,900)
7. Arborist Supplies (1,000)
8. Luthier Supplies (1,600)
9. Hypnosis Weight Loss (1,600)
10. Elegant Prom Dresses (1,900)
11. Gold Panning Equipment (1,300)
12. Home Air Conditioner (1,900)
13. Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce (1,600)
14. Outdoor Jacuzzis (1,900)
15. How To Build A Cat Tree (1,900)
16. How To Build A Compost Bin (2,400)
17. How To Be A Mentalist (1,000)
18. Push Lawn Mowers (1,000)
19. Muslim Clothing (1,900)
20. Raising Goats (2,400)
21. Tea Gift Baskets (1,900)
22. Wedding party dresses (1,600)
23. Crab Lice (1,300)
24. Scaly Skin (1,600)
25. Belly Button Discharge (1,300)
26. Smelly Feet (2,900)
27. Electrofishing (1,000)
28. Caribou Hunting (1,000)
29. Magic Supplies (1,000)
30. Picture Framing Supplies (1,900)
31. How To Memorize Lines (1,300)


Amazing Profitable Niches for 2014.

How Do I Choose The Right Domain Name?

How Do I Choose The Right Domain Name? 

Now here’s the point I see a lot of people worldwide getting hung up.

Choosing a domain name does not need to be complicated.  Unless you’re a SEO Genius,  don’t waste too much time one this.

The best way to go about choosing a domain name.

1. Go to Google and search for [keyword] forum.

2. Join the forum and if it’s any good,  they’ll have a section where questions are being asked where a solution is being sort.

3. Ask yourself, what keywords would these people type into the search engines to find the solution to their nagging problems.

4. Use any free keyword tools to see if these keywords have an daily search traffic.

5. Once you’ve found some highly trafficked low competition keywords,  use those keywords to register your domain.

6. Make sure it’s a niche that is very deep where by you can talk about various solutions to the problems people have in that niche.

7. Start writing articles on the domain and indexing your articles.

These are the ways in which I rregularly come up with good domain names for my clients, students and friends.

Give it a go.