The Power of Bookmarking Sites For Traffic Generation.

The Power of Bookmarking Sites For Traffic Generation. 

In a recent test I did recently on a friends website we found that we were able to instantly receive traffic to his websites by an increase of 60% simply because we used bookmarking sites to share his content.

So here’s what we did,  first of all we got a domain name for him and hosted it.  There’s a superb provider i use called Hostso. They are absolutely amazing.

Anyway,  we got hosting and we put up a blog on the domain using fantastico,  again comes free with all hosted domains.

Next thing we did was we got a free plugin called share this from plugins page.

We then wrote a fresh article on this new blog and posted on the blog.  We used share this and started submitting his new article on twitter, Facebook, diigo, yammer, technorati, you name it.

Immediately we did this we saw instant traffic to his website.

Not only that because his article was bookmarked on these high PR sites we started seeing search engine traffic.

Coupled with all this we submitted his website to google webmaster tool.  That’s way we wereaable to see what pages where ranking and immediately started optimising for organic traffic.  So it is very possible to build a fresh website and immediately start getting instant traffic to it. You just need to know how to go about it successfully.  Hope this helps a few people out there looking for free traffic generation tips