Getting That First Sale Online!


Getting That First Sale Online!

There are many ways you can get that elusive first sale online!

You can either get the first sale using free methods or if you’re flushed with cash,  you can spend a little and still make your capital back plus some profit.

And now we will consider both instances, of how you can get your first sale online.

So let’s consider the paid version,  of getting your first sale online.

Assuming you have about $500 you can use this method.

The first step is to consider what niche market you want to make money from.  Look for different forums online where these people in this niche market hang out and see what is that nagging problem they all urgently need a solution for. This is the starting point.  Because you have identified something that’s currently in great demand.

The next thing you do is either look for a PLR product you can buy and resell.  These are very good because they usually come ready made.  All you really need is to get your domain and pay for hosting then upload the PLR product on your domain and then drive hungry traffic to your web-site.

Now you have your product and website what you need now is the traffic.

This is one of the biggest secrets I’m about to reveal as this is how tonnes of money is made online.

There are many companies out there that would sell you mailing lists.

What’s a mailing list?

This is a list of qualified buyers who have recently purchased a similar product to what you’re about to offer them. It gives you their names, addresses and how much they recently paid for a similar product.

So you see,  here’s a gold mine.  Now you can get a test list for around $150. You can get a domain and hosting for less that $50. Then you can either buy a PLR Product  or have one made for you,  if you have sufficient knowledge in your chosen niche market.

So what you do next is to get a test list and mail a letter not a sales letter. We want them to visit your website where you have your sales letter and PLR product.

The larger the mail out,  the more money you make.

So go ahead and try this and let me know your Success story.