Selecting Your Amazon Best Selling Product.

Selecting Your Amazon Best Selling Product.

Hope you have been reading all the other posts on this blog as it will help you get started pretty fast making money online selling physical products on Amazon.

There are some criteria you need to know about before you go about selecting your target product from Amazon’s best seller list:

1. Make sure the price on the item you want to test is not lower than $7.

it the price of the item is lower than $7, then you would have very little margin to play with when you decide to launch your product.

2. Make sure the price on your target product is not over $40.

The reason being that, it’s harder to sell a $40 product that a product that’s selling for $17.99

3. Make sure there are not too many competing offers. what I mean by that is make sure that there are no more than 3 other sellers listing the product.

(if you have your own brand of product or you have a product branded for you, by your supplier) then you don’t have to worry about this. If it’s your brand, then you’ll most likely be the only person selling this product on Amazon anyway.

Once you have chosen your product based on these criteria as above, then you’re ready to proceed to the next step…

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Where Do I Start From On

Where Do I Start From On

So I get this question all the time. Where Do I Start From On

The fact of the matter is that people always like to start selling things they like. This is the wrongest way to start on Amazon.

The best way to start on Amazon is to start from the Amazon best sellers. Simply go to and search for ‘ Amazon bestsellers’

This would bring up all the best sellers on Amazon and in all the different categories.

All you simply do then is look through the best sellers and select a product you want to sell.

The thing is you want to look for a product to sell based on some criteria.

I will talk about this in more detail in my next post. Stay tuned…