Can you make money online

Can you make money online  

Here’s a query I’ve not heard in a long time.  “Can you make money online”.

Of course you can.  There are several ways in which money can be made online.  The question is do you have the required skill and determination to make money online.

Many people eventually give up after a while when they’re not successful in making it online.

One of the pit falls of failure online is running and chasing after the next big thing.

There’s a simple business model which has been proven to work.

1. Get yourself a domain and hosting.

You can choose any domain name you want. But my advice is do some serious keyword research before you choose your domain name.

2. Most importantly build your own list.  What i have done since 2008  when I first started online is to build my list.  You’ll find that making money online becomes really easy when you have a massive list.

3. Choose your niche wisely.  Don’t go after small niches.  Fine there might be money to be made initially, but if the niche does not spend money or if the niche does not grow then you could start loosing money.

One easy way to make money is either by becoming an affiliate to some platform or program.  Or better still try to sign up for Google adsense.  Build up your traffic and start earning money with google.

So as you can see,  yes you can make money online.  Just put in the effort and be patient.



Why It’s Important To Continue Building Backlinks To Your Blog

Screenshot_2014-05-10-21-14-42Why It’s Important To Continue Building Backlinks To Your Blog.

So why is it that you have to work on your backlinks strategy.

The truth remains that having backlinks on high PR websites which are heavily trafficked bring you not only targeted traffic but all backlink juices from this High PR WEBSITES.

There are various things you can do,  but one thing I try to do is make sure that you vary your anchor text.

Many people make the mistake of focusing all their SEO efforts on one keyword. In fact the best way to go about it is to make sure that theanchor text appears naturally ewithin your blog post or article.  Google and other search engines like this, especially if the link building is gradual.

Look for fresh content websites and monitor posts on these highly trafficked sites.  Post a useful comment and if your comment is valuable and unique, you’ll get your comments approved. ( Read my article about how to get your comments approved by webmasters).

Further to this,  leave a link to your website with your comment.

You’ll find a screen shot of my website above. You’ll notice that when I started focusing on my backlinking strategy in April, my traffic started to increase and in May, you can see already how many unique visitors I’ve received.

So just go out there and find good websites and start building your backlinks.

imrisinternetmarketing com – SEO and Autoresponders

SEO and Autoresponders

SEO and Autoresponders

So following from my last post On Autoresponders. We want to take a brief look on SEO and Autoresponders.

SEO as you already know stands for Search Engine Optimization.

So how does this have anything to do with Autoresponders?

The fact is that you want the most targeted website visitors landing on your web page on which you have your script installed. You just don’t want any kind of visitor to your web page you want targeted ones. These are the ones that would join your mailing list or buy a product from you.

So SEO and the knowledge of SEO helps to bring the most interested prospects into your funnel.

One way I do this, is by thinking about what search terms visitors to my web pages would be looking for on the search engines. I them make sure I use long tail keywords to ensure I’m on the first page of google. Many people prefer to use many keywords on their articles or websites, but for me, I have fount it quite harmful. Keep your web pages simple and keep your content unique. Re search your active keywords and use them sparingly.