Keep Pushing The Free Line.

Keep Pushing The Free Line.

One thing I have noticed that keeps building my list is when you keep pushing the free line.

So what does it mean to push the free line?

Simply put,  give out so mush value able free information to your list that they are eagerly in need of,  and they’d love you for it.

I remember when I shared some information on mailing lists to make money in any niche market,  my subscription when from a few hundred a day to over 1000 per day.

So most importantly keep pushing the free line by giving your list the most valuable current information that would benefit them in your niche.

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Why The Niche Market Does Not Really Matter.

easy-as-1-2-3Why The Niche Market Does Not Really Matter.

Yesterday, I was discussing with a friend of mine who keeps bees and sells the honey produced from the bees for a living.  He makes roughly $8,000 per year after taking out the cost for materials etc because he also builds hives for the bees.

Sometime last year, he was called out to a local hotel that had a problem with wasps. Unfortunately for him, he got stung several times and was rushed to hospital after he collapsed.

On getting out of hospital, I told him he was going about his business all wrong.

I told him he had massive experience in the bee keeping niche and that there are people out there who would pay him $47, $57, $67 or even $77 for the knowledge he has.

You see I’m telling you this because there really are easier ways to make money online and the niche market does not matter.

What really matters is is you have a profitable niche market and know what to do,  you can make money online.

So the question is just how can this friend of mine make money with the knowledge he has.

1. Write an ebook about how to start keeping bees and selling the honey produced for a living.

2. Make sure it’s easily download able and charge say $47 per copy.

3. Get a website made and set up this product on clickbank where the affiliates there can promote it for commissions if they make a sale.

4. Do an up sale product that has lots of videos on how to build a bee hive,  how to maintain a bee hive,  how to keep the queen bee healthy,  how to prevent the hive from swarming etc.

5. Sell the physical products of the bee hives on ebay or amazon.


So you see there are better ways he could make money online, just by doing all of this.  He’s in the process of writing his ebook as we speak.

That’s good.  At least he’s taking action.

What about you.  Are you taking action with all the information you’ve gotten on the internet?

Take action today. Build your list.

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Internet Based Affiliate Marketing

Internet Based Affiliate Marketing

The best ways to be successful in affiliate marketing is to make sure your business is internet based.

This gives you a great deal of time and freedom to live your life away from your business.

I often see businesses where the people who own them spend the rest of their lives watching people go past their windows having a great life.

Don’t waste your life sitting in an office

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