Build Relationships, watch your business grow.

Build Relationships, watch your business grow.

Having success oonline involves building relationships. 

The first relationship you want to build is a relationship with each visitor to your web-site.

What do I mean by this?  You need to be honest with yourself and look at each visitor to your website as a potential long term, repeat customer.  When they first come in contact with you, they are not yet customers but prospects.  You need to build the relationship between you two.  Either through repeated exposure to your content via an autoresponder or via valuable content on your site.

The important thing is build the relationship and watch your business grow.

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Don’t leave your website idle.

Don’t leave your website idle. 

Do you know that leaving your website idle can hurt your traffic and ranking on the serps.

When you leave your website idle your visitors will get the impression that you don’t really care about providing value on your site.  After one or two visits if they see that there’s no newcontent on it, tthey’ll never come back.

Look at it this way.  What if the news content websites never updated their content.  It means you’ll probably visit their website only to find old and stale information.  That won’t be nice would it.

Same thing applies to your web-site.  If you don’t keep the content fresh you’ll loose your audience and traffic.

Keep updating your website with fresh valuable content and you’ll be rewarded for it.


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Keep Pushing The Free Line.

Keep Pushing The Free Line.

One thing I have noticed that keeps building my list is when you keep pushing the free line.

So what does it mean to push the free line?

Simply put,  give out so mush value able free information to your list that they are eagerly in need of,  and they’d love you for it.

I remember when I shared some information on mailing lists to make money in any niche market,  my subscription when from a few hundred a day to over 1000 per day.

So most importantly keep pushing the free line by giving your list the most valuable current information that would benefit them in your niche.

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