Mediabuys – Media Buys Vs PPC!

Media Buys Vs PPC!Mediabuys – Media Buys Vs PPC!

There are several ways to get qualified traffic or visitors to your website.  Today we shall look at how i get traffic to my websites that convert for me.

We shall be talking about Media Buys and PPC!

So first off let’s talk about the most common which is PPC which we all know as PAY PER CLICK!

For those who don’t know this stands for a way of advertising to your website.

There are many platforms you can use for PPC.  One such platform is Google.

Just to give you an idea of what this is.  There are two groups of people. ONE group are the publishers.  These are people who own websites and allow Google to run ads on their website using a small script given to them on the Google platform once accepted into the program.  This is known as the Ad sense platform.

On the other hand, you have the advertisers that is people who are willing to advertise their products or services through Google on their ad platform.

The way it works is you sign up with Google for their ad words platform where by you agree to pay Google a certain amount of money each time your ad is clicked on which are being displayed on the publishers website.  The cost would depend on the keywords you are targeting and the cost per click for the keywords.  I go into more details on this in my new ebook which i will be giving away free.  Just come back and click the link which would be visible shortly.


So in brief this is about PPC. I must say that it can be very costly running a PPC campaign so unless you know what you’re doing i won’t recommend it.


On the other hand,  media buys involves buying advertising space on a highly trafficked website related to your chosen niche market.

You contact the webmasters of the target site and discuss with them about placing a link or banner on their site for a fee of course.  And when visitors to their website see your banner,  because it a of a related subject matter they will click on your banner and be redirected to your website.

I cover this in detail in my next post. Look out for it.

Mediabuys – Media Buys Vs PPC!